Core Team

Master Roshii (Founder) | (

Roshii is an ideas guy and a jack of all trades master of none. He oversees the contracts, community and marketing efforts for Vegeta Inu. He contributed and continues to contribute to projects such as Chonk, Block Duelers, and Old Money. He also runs, a website created to help beginners learn the ropes of decentralized finance and the Worthy Apes private telegram channel.

Tamrael (Game Theory/Finance/Marketing/Operations) | (

Tamrael was a former director of finance of operations and a data scientist for a commodities trading firm and fintech company in NYC. He was also a former professional gambler and owner of the Anime Crypto Meta Alliance (

JC (Front End Dev)

JC is an experienced front end dev that specializes in Javascript. He's been creating websites, writing scripts, and managing communities for over 10 years. If not for him Vegeta Inu Sama would have had to learn how to use the Fiverr app.

Echelon (Media)

Echelon is an expert in the media arts. His skills range from drawing and graphic design to audio production. He is Vegeta Inu Sama's right hand man when it comes to the needs of VEGI.
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